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Jack of Hearts

Jack of Hearts is my first novel, to be published by Bell Bridge Books in the spring of 2013. Here’s a description of the project:

Jack is a boy without a heart. He surrendered it long ago to the Lady of Twilight. In exchange, he no longer feels the crushing loss of his sister … or anything else. But there is a price. The Lady transforms him into a callous hunter with a mandate to chase down and kill a thieving wizard named Moribrand, but when Jack meets a beautiful girl trapped in a mirror, the impossible happens — he feels an echo of his distant heart and the sensation staggers him.

Jack of Hearts is a 94,000-word young adult fantasy that would be the first in a series of books.

Read a sample chapter.

(art courtesy of Jon Gregerson)

About Me

Ricardo Bare
Austin, Tx

Ricardo Bare is a writer, game designer, and artist living in Austin, Texas. Currently he works as a game designer for Arkane Studios, which in 2012 released Dishonored. Ricardo started his career in the games industry working on the Deus Ex series, winner of the BAFTA and numerous other Game of the Year awards.

Ricardo's first book in a young adult fantasy series, Jack of Hearts, was released by Bell Bridge Books in April 2013.


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